Sport-in-a-Box is a decade-long educational programme developed by UNA-Canada to encourage children and youth participation in physical activity, healthy eating and cross-cultural interaction through the universal language of sport. Youth are equipped with leadership and facilitation skills to serve as mentors and role models to community children to promote healthy lifestyles and Canada’s values of diversity, inclusion, and intergenerational interaction. Together they learn how sport is a vehicle for physical health and how it builds bridges of understanding among different peoples, communities and countries.


11350404_750641801722096_3281898672051189269_n2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

UNA-Canada is partnering with FIFA Football for Hope (FIFA-FFH) and Saputo Inc. to celebrate the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup through Sport-in-a-Box. The programme links urban Aboriginal youth and their communities in Edmonton and Ottawa with their mainstream peers. Community youth gain leadership and coaching skills that are transferrable to everyday life and participate in a once-in-a-lifetime soccer experience.


2015 Pan Am & Parapan American Games

Through the Sports UNITES Programme, UNA-Canada will bring the excitement of the 2015 Pan Am & Parapan American Games coast to coast: Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, Moncton and Halifax. The Sports UNITES Programme raises awareness among youth on the importance of international sport in promoting diversity and inclusion at home and on the global stage.


Edmonton Events 2015

February 2-6: MacEwan University Global Awareness Week Fundraiser

May 22: FIFA Football for Hope / Sport-in-a-Box Programme Launch
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June 10: FIFA Football for Hope / Sport-in-a-Box Day
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June 22: FIFA Football for Hope / Sport-in-a-Box Peer Mentor Training Workshop

July 1: FIFA Football for Hope / Sport-in-a-Box Peer Mentor Training Workshop

July 2-5: Sport-in-a-Box at the Canadian Track & Field Championships
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July 4: FIFA Football for Hope / Sport-in-a-Box Peer Mentor Training Workshop
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July 11-12: Sport-in-a-Box at the TrackTown Classic

July 31 – August 2: Sports UNITES at the Panamerican Junior Athletics Championships

August 4 and 6: Sport Unites Day – Youth Celebrating Harmonious Diversity and Inclusion Through Pan/Parapan American Games
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