Multimedia & Multiculturalism

Running from 2010 to 2013, UNA-Canada’s Multimedia & Multiculturalism (M&M) Programme aimed to build social cohesion in Canada by exploring and enhancing the role media plays – or can play – in contributing to the inclusive representation of all Canadians. M&M worked directly with media agencies, educational institutions, and ethno-cultural communities to work towards strategic goals, open up dialogue and collaborate in creating media that is free from stereotypes, racism and other forms of discrimination. M&M’s main objectives were:

  • to promote ethnic diversity in mainstream media,
  • to initiate dialogue between ethno-cultural communities and the media industry,
  • to encourage youth from diverse ethno-cultural communities to participate in media in various capacities, and
  • to develop free media resources for public use (media guides and tool kits available below).

M&M operated in seven regions across Canada and in three regions across Alberta. This programme was generously supported by Citizenship & Immigration Canada and the Alberta Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund. For more information about the national programme, visit

M&M Newsletters

Volume 1: June 2012
Volume 2: September 2012
Volume 3: January 2013
Volume 4: June 2013
Volume 5: October 2013
Special: 2012 Intern Briefing

Media Resources

The United Nations Association in Canada has developed some resources for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and for people interested in media and understanding how to communicate with the media.

The Media Guide for NGOs helps individuals connect to the media and get their messages out to mainstream media.

The M&M Edmonton Youth Tool Kit and National M&M Tool Kit help readers explore how mainstream media in their communities present multiculturalism and inclusivity. The Tool Kits also give resources and templates to organize events and connect with media as well as suggestions on how to combat racism, discrimination and marginalization.

The University of Alberta Department of Modern Languages & Cultural Studies also has developed a Canadian Minority Media Database for public use.

UNAC Media Guide for NGOs                         M&M Edmonton Youth Tool Kit                         National M&M Tool Kit

NGOMediaGuide             YouthToolKit                   National M&M Toolkit


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