October 2013 Meeting

October 2013 Meeting

Public lecture and branch meeting



Water stress: Global water resources now and into the future


Dr. Evan Davies, Assistant Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta


Thursday, October 17, 2013 7:00-9:00 P.M.


Grant MacEwan University City Centre Campus 10700 104 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta Room 7-218 For maps and directions click here.

Lecture and speaker information

Water is a precious resource, and 2013 marks the International Year of Water Cooperation. How can governments, citizens and other stakeholders ensure there is enough water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and other uses? Integrated assessment models simulate large-scale feedbacks between human and natural systems. Their results provide guidance to governments, scientific bodies, and corporations on climate change, land management, and economic and energy policies. Now, with awareness of water scarcity growing, these modelling groups have begun to incorporate water resources into their models. This presentation will describe integrated assessment modelling, the current uses and state of global water resources, and explain the need – as the climate changes and society demands ever more water – to model water resources explicitly.


Dr. Evan Davies is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta and specializes in water resources planning and management. His research focuses on numerical simulation of the impacts of alternative management policies on water resources at scales from local to global. He received his doctoral degree from the University of Western Ontario (2007), where he developed a systems model of global change that incorporates feedbacks between water use and quality, climate change, economic and population growth, land use change, and the global carbon cycle. His Masters work at the University of Waterloo (2003) focused on sustainable forest management on Hainan Island, China. Dr. Davies currently works with several federal agencies and provincial funding bodies in Canada, and with a U.S. national laboratory.


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